***This information is in English only. Please read carefully***

New SUB-members that need access outside of scheduled club dives, can apply through the form below. We create an access-chip/card, that you have to collect at SUB. For example, you can collect it in conjunction with one of our club dives. Ask the dive leader. The time it takes to create a chip will vary because the club is dependent on volunteer work.

Access is meant for those that plan to fill gas often. If you only fill gas once every now and then we recommend that you do this before or after a club dive instead of ordering an access chip/card.


  • Members will get a confirmation email that the access-chip/card is ready, and can be collected at SUB.
  • Ordinary club members will get access to the main door only.
  • Ordinary club members, with a locker, will also get access to the Locker room.
  • Only dive leaders, the board, club instructors and trip committee  have access to the club equipment room.
  • Access to the compressor room is for members of the gasgroup, that have paid membership fee to the gasgroup.