SUB, Studentenes Undervannsklubb i Bergen (roughly translated into The Student Underwater club in Bergen), is one of the oldest, largest and most active dive clubs in Norway. We are affiliated to the Norwegian Diving Federation (NDF) and Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques (CMAS).

We normally offer 4 club dives every week, and 4-5 weekend trips each year. The club is run by students, but anyone with a diving certificate is welcome to join the club and dive with us.


You can dive with us, but we have some requirements:

  • You must be a member, but arrangements can be made if you want to try out diving with SUB before buying a membership
  • The minimum requirement for diving with SUB is an entry level certification issued by any of the internationally known organisations (PADI, CMAS, GUE, NAUI, BSAC, SSAC, SSI etc). Please bring your (most recent) certificate on your first club dive.
  • You’ll need to bring your own ABC equipment: fins, mask and snorkel. On night dives, you’ll need your own dive light (preferably both primary and backup).
  • You don’t need a dry suit diving certificate, but unless you have tried dry suit diving before, you’ll need to participate on an introduction dive before trying a dry suit on a regular club dive.


To become a member in SUB you´ll have to do the following steps:

Direkte innmelding <– Click here to become a member

9. When the application is approved (1 – 4 days) you will receive an email from MinIdrett. The payment is in the basket at the website «» or under the menu «Payment». The invoice will be 1300 kr. 

10. Are you a student? Then send an email including screenshot from the «Studentbevis» app to Oskar Leirvåg – that will generate an invoice for students at 650 kr – mailed to you an to be payed at «»

Membership for one calender year (1/2 – 30/1) is 650 kr. students and 1300 kr. for non-students. Students signing up after August 1st may pay 495 kr for a half-year membership. 

Club dives

Are you diving with SUB for the first time? Or are you insecure of what to bring with you on a dive? Here is a check- list:

  • ABC- equipment (mask and fins).
  • Warm clothes. The diving- suits we have for rent in SUB are shell- suits, thin suits with little insulation. Under the suit we recommend to use 2-3 layers of long- armed/legged wool or other underwear, depending on the temperature in the water.
  • Extra clothes. You might get wet while diving, and then it is nice to have something warm and dry to put on when you are done diving.
  • Food and (warm) drink. It is always nice with an energy boost after a dive!
  • Warm (wind proof) outer clothes, good shoes, hat, gloves and scarf. After a dive you might get chilly, and the diving trips often go to windy places.
  • And at last: a big smile! :D

Remember that on every dive there will bee at least one experienced diver. They are there to help you, and to answer all the questions you might have.

The club dives are always run by qualified dive leaders, and safety equipment such as oxygen, diving flags and safety rope are brought on all dives.

Tuesday and Thursday at 17:00

Most of the year, these will be night dives, so you’ll need to bring your own primary dive light (and preferably a backup light). Dives sites are determined based on the experience of the divers, but experience with night dives and drift are recommended. Please contact the dive leader prior to the dive for more information. We leave at 17:00 sharp, so you’ll need to be at the club house around 16:30.

Saturday and Sunday at 11:00

Saturday is the perfect day if you are new to diving or simply new in SUB! We choose a dive site suitable for the new or inexperienced diver, where no one needs to do more advanced dives than he/she is comfortable with. Deeper water and perhaps some current are usually also available for those who would like to try that. We leave at 11:00 sharp, and since Saturday dives can be very popular, you’ll need to be at the club house no later than 10:15.

The club dives on Sundays usually require some experience. We often do drift dives or visit a local wreck. Please contact the dive leader prior to the dive for more information. We leave at 11:00 sharp, so you’ll need to be at the club house around 10:30.

Participation on club dives costs 85 kr if you are a member of SUB, and 170 kr if you are not (in addition to any expenses for the use of boat). If you want to rent a dry suit it will cost you 85 kr (member)/170 kr (non-member). If you want to borrow any other equipment it is free on club dives. If you want to rent equipment for private dives you need to be a member of SUB and to have participated on at least one club dive before. Please contact for more information.

Getting more info

For general questions about the club, please contact the committee at

The mailing list Subnett is your most important source of information about club dives, parties and other ongoing activities. The majority of the mails will be written in Norwegian, but any important information is also posted in English. Feel free to ask questions here! The email address to the list is

Sign up to Subnett by sending a plain text mail to with subject line subscribe.


SUB has a nine-seat car, two trailers for the dive gear, two inflatable rubber boats, a Polarcirkel 760 (larger boat) and a compressor (200/300 bar) providing 550 l/min air or 32% nitrox (membrane system).

The membership fee includes free access to the compressor and free air or EAN32. If you are planning on using the compressor outside the club dives, you’ll need a key card to access the compressor room and a short introduction on the usage. Please contact a member of the board or one of the dive leaders if you are interested.

The club diving equipment includes:

  • About 24 tanks (single 10, 12 and 15 litres, 232 bar)
  • Apeks cold water regulators and with bottom timer
  • Backplate and wing BCD’s (Halcyon Eclipse)
  • Membrane dry suits, both male and female sizes
  • 3-finger neoprene gloves and neoprene hoods
  • Weight belts

All club members can borrow this equipment for free, except for the dry suits. Dry suit rental is 85kr. Please note that the equipment is primarily intended for use during our scheduled club dives. It is possible to borrow equipment outside regular club dives, but everything must be returned in time for the next club dive.

The club diving equipment does not include:

  • ABC equipment; fins, mask and snorkel
  • dive computers
  • dive lights
  • dive knifes

For more information about the club equipment, please contact the committee at


SUB arrange CMAS* in english from time to time, for more information and enrollment follow this link


The first Wednesday evening of the month there is an informal gathering at a suitable pub for a relaxed evening of dive discussions and beer. If you want to meet other club members, this is the place for you! The gathering starts at 19:62 (aka 8 pm) and is announced on Subnett.


Three to four times a semester  the club arranges lectures and events related to recreational and occasionally technical diving. Please keep an eye on Subnett for more information.